how to print


  1. Where do I find my downloaded file?

    If it doesn’t automatically pop up on your screen after you click download, go to the folder in your computer that says downloads and look for something called invitation.

  2. Where should I print?

    That’s really up to you! You can take your file to an Office Max, Kinko’s, Staples (these are places that I’ve personally been to and they’ve been extremely helpful). You just take the file on a flash drive, or you can send it to the store's web address via email (call first to get the local store’s email address). Have them set it up two to a page, print and cut for you! If you print at home, take the file and set it up two to a page on a word document, print and cut.

  3. On what type of paper/cardstock should I print?

    The standard card stock at most print places is 65 lb. I recommend printing invitations to 65 lb card stock or heavier. I recommend printing stationery to 110 lb card stock.

  4. Where do I get envelopes?

    If you’re planning ahead, you will have time to order online. I have bought envelopes from,,, etc. See question 4 regarding envelope sizes.

  5. What size envelopes do I need?

    If your card is 5x7, you’ll need A7 envelopes (size is 5 ¼ x 7 ¼). If you ordered stationery, it’s 5.5x8.5 and that’s foldable to be 4.25x5.5. You’ll need A2 envelopes (size is 4 ⅜ x 5 ¾).

  6. I need a color that you don’t have listed. What do I do?

    Send me a message, and I’ll try to help you find a color to match your event perfectly!

  7. What color mode is the invitation in?

    The color mode is in CMYK which makes it perfect for professional printing. You’ll still get a good print at home, but it’s made for a high quality printer. 

  8. Do you recommend online printing?

    The only company I recommend is Please use other online printing companies at your own risk.  

  9. Regarding having the information to appear the same format in the FAQ part

    the easiest way is to copy on of the point, then pres enter and paste the copied lines, after which select the part of the text that needs to be changed, write the text needed and save.

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